Cubs ~ Preschoolers & Pre-K
Natural Beginnings offers several different activities, on a daily basis, for those who wish to participate. We base our curriculum on the State of Oregon Academic Content Standards for Kindergarten. We strive to prepare each individual child for life and for what they will be learning in the public school system. We do this through the use of The Creative Curriculum and Environmental Education. What does this mean? We can be flexible and teach the children based on their current interests. Also, instead of simply counting out loud, we will count birds or bugs that we see. Instead of simply adding on paper, we will add 2 white sea shells plus 2 brown sea shells equals 4 sea shells. Instead of simply memorizing the alphabet, we will say what items "start with" in our every day activities (example: Teacher says, "Do you see that tree? Tree starts with T. Can you make a T with your body?" The Teacher shows the students how to make a T with their arms outreached. "Everyone say 'T'. Say 'Tree starts with T'. Make the ta, ta, ta sound. TREE!"). Of course we still focus on each individual letter and number throughout the school year as well as all of the shapes and colors. We incorporate these basics through songs, games, stories, crafts and more. We focus on life skills such as putting on our shoes & coats, setting the table, pouring water, cleaning and building. We have open ended art time as well to allow the students to be creative and imaginative. Our school is set up in a way that allows the children open access to materials and they can feel free to play as much as they like. Each day is rounded out with a minimum of two 30+ minute outdoor recess times and/or nature walks (weather permitting) and plenty of indoor free-play time between structured activities. All staff must take a minimum of 30 hours of training specific to working with and teaching preschool children.
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