Polliwogs ~ Infant Care
Infants create their own schedules and we honor that with on-demand feedings, freedom to nap as needed and by holding them as often as they like. Infants are often worn on staff in the baby carrier of the parent's choice.

All staff (including volunteers) must be fully vaccinated including for the flu, whopping cough and measles. All staff (including volunteers) must take an Infant Safety course each and every year.
We keep everything extremely clean and sanitary using the most environmentally friendly products possible. We know how fragile their little immune systems are and we want to give them the healthiest start possible.

All teachers must take a minimum of 30 hours of training specific to infant care.
Staff interact with the infants based on their individual needs and temperament. Some infants enjoy being held much of the time while others love tummy time and exploring.
We focus on hitting developmental milestones on time; such as, holding head up on their own, scooting, sitting, crawling, pointing, clapping, standing, walking and talking. We love to teach through songs, finger plays, games and stories. We encourage the use of baby sign and staff can often being seen making hand gestures while they talk to the infants. During outside times we point out ants crawling on the ground, birds flying by, the clouds and anything else that might strike an infants fancy. This gives them an early appreciation of nature and creates a life long respect of it.
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