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Natural Beginnings offers care for all stages of wobbler & toddler development; starting with the youngest, most unstable wobblers to the most advanced, potty learners. We do not believe in pressuring a child to use the potty before they are ready. However, we do offer gentle guidance and encouragement. We call children who are 25-98% successful on the potty "transitioners" as they are transitioning from a state of being a toddler to a state of being a preschooler. Transitioners are allowed to join in on the preschool activities if they would like but are still given the freedom to create their own schedule and play with whatever they would like. Success during activities is dependent upon the child's ability to sit for periods of time, to complete short lessons, to interact well in group activities and to follow the teacher's directions. Younger toddlers do much better when they are allowed to participate in more open ended and child directed activities. Toddlers are able to choose when they want to play, what they want to play with, if they want to participate in crafts or lessons, which books are read to them, which songs are sung to them and which games are played. This is the perfect setting for children with shorter attention spans and lots of energy. Toddlers are taught all about personal hygiene, manners, how to put on their shoes/coats, how to clean up and how to be a good friend. We maintain a maximum ratio of 4 toddlers to 1 staff member; however, transitioners who are at least 3 years of age will have a maximum ratio of 6 preschoolers to 1 staff member. All staff must be fully vaccinated (including for flu and whopping cough) and take a minimum of 30 hours of training specific to toddler care.
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