Philosophy - To do what is best for each individual child and to do what is best for the Earth
Natural Beginnings believes that the best way to teach young children about environmental education and world cultures is to immerse them in these subjects through hands-on activities, crafts, songs, dancing, games, toys, building decor, nature sounds, nature walks, field trips and even through the foods on our menu. Cleaning supplies are biodegradable, phosphate free and sulfate free; art supplies are recycled, reused, reusable, biodegradable and VOC free; toys are renewable, recycled or reused; and furniture is recycled, reused, renewable and/or low VOC. Only cloth and/or 100% biodegradable diapers and training pants are used. Foods are vegetarian and organic/local as much as possible. In everything that is purchased, we think about how to choose the best option for the environment and the children's health. In addition, the space has been designed to feel multicultural. Decor is choosen to show world cultures and habitats. You can often hear background music from various cultures including Asian, Caribbean, European, African, Brazilian, Latin, etc. The children are also taught key words and phrases in multiple languages including Spanish, French, Japanese, German and more.
All families are encouraged to 'go green' not only at school but as well as at home, out in the community, and while traveling. Natural Beginnings was created to provide children with a place to grow up free from harmful chemicals that run rampant in our society. Children will also be taught to have respect for themselves, all cultures, and the world. It is important to the founder of Natural Beginnings that all families think about their carbon footprint and constantly work to have a smaller impact on the Earth.
Ways to Go Green
Eat Organic & Local as much as possible

Use cloth diapers and/or 100% biodegradable diapers

Stay away from chemicals such as BPA, VOC's, chlorine, lead, etc.

Drive less, walk & bike more

Visit the Eco-Healthy Child Care website for more helpful tips
Teaching Green since 2008!
Mission - A Natural Approach to Your Child's Education
The mission of Natural Beginnings is to provide the safest and most nurturing environment possible for infants and young children to grow and learn. To give parents peace of mind that their children will be happy and fulfilled in our care and that their food and surroundings are free from harmful chemicals. To employ a highly qualified teaching staff who are passionate about their commitment to the children and about maintaining a natural and wholesome environment.